About us

Our primary mission is to empower businesses – and especially small and medium businesses. We established our company because we believe it is wrong that so many great ideas are stopped and held back by limited funds. Our company came to live in 2007 and quickly became one of the primary choices for local businesses and not only. Our service is fully individualized. What does it mean? Easy! We have a team of experts analyzing your application and conducting research. We do not work like banks, so we do not let a computer algorithm deny your application just because some numbers are not alright.

We take our time to understand what a business is about, but also to listen to the owner and take them through a brief interview. We want to know what you plan to do and what your future plan and expectations are. This way, our professionals can offer financing customized to suit any kind of business. Such a comprehensive analysis not about accepting or rejecting your application. Instead, it is about deciding how much money you ask for, how much you might actually need and whether your plan is realistic.

We do use technology to push things further and keep them easy. But more than that, we are driven by the relationship we establish with the business owner. In other words, the process is fast, deeply individualized and dedicated. In order to apply, you will have to complete the form on our website – it barely takes a few minutes. It will take up to 24 hours to get the result of your application. Meanwhile, we might give you a call and ask you a few things about your business – not a formal interview, but a relaxing conversation to allow us to know more about you and your plans. Once accepted, you will have the money in your account within a few hours only.

Our team consists of 10 banking experts, a few real estate agents and five business specialists. We also have a highly trained team of customer service representatives. We are not here to provide funding only, but also to help and guide you throughout your venture if you need anything.

There are several ways to repay the loan. The classic one is based on monthly payments. However, we have brought in an innovative solution that more and more businesses take because it allows them to grow organically. Practically, you will get the capital lift in exchange for a small percentage of your incoming revenue. Costs are fixed. It is important to know that this is not equity, but a percentage of profits. In other words, whether your business grows slowly or quickly, you will not have to take money out of your pocket to repay the loan.